Breaking News: First Argument in Wasteland Does Not End in Gunfire

(Traders Flat, Kaibab Forest)- Citizens of Traders Flat were awoken to the sounds of a heated argument near the message bulletin board near the bank earlier this morning.  Such arguments are commonplace for the citizens of Traders Flat.  However today’s quarrel was unique as in it is the first known case in the wasteland where the argument did not end in gunfire.

Arianna Flint, a Vista Trustee was discussing the law that prohibits selling faction armor sets to other vista players.  A local resident by the name of Rekas disagreed with Ms. Flint and proceeded to argue his reasoning why only armorcrafters should be able to wear faction armor set.

An Argument ( Artist's Rendition)

With normal wasteland fashion, the argument quickly turned sour with both participants getting more and more belligerent.  Bystanders were expecting The Ominous Security Guards to come by and shoot the participants for breaking the message board rules of conduct.

An incident  was still fresh in the minds of the citizens of Traders Flat when last week a Guard shot and killed a popular participant at the message bulletin board unprovoked.  The residents of Traders Flat were preparing for a bloodbath. Food Vendors saw a 61% increase in sales during these arguments.

To the surprise of the bystanders and disappointment of the moderating guards, the argument ended as abruptly as it stopped.  Ms. Flint and Mr. Rekas acknowledged each others differences in opinion and that they were not going to budge.  Both participants wished each other well and walked off toward different parts of town.

Pippa Rydell, a wasteland sociologist, spoke with WLN about this first incident of its kind. “Normally in the wasteland people only hold onto their persona’s and weapons.  So when a difference in ideas arises the first reaction is to exert personal superiority.  If that doesn’t work then normally you cap the fucker in his face.”

-Justice Mendoza

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  1. Just letting you all know, I’m enjoying your wasteland news!

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