Messages on Town Bulletin Board Leaves Residents Angry

(TRADERS FLAT, KAIBAB FOREST)-  Local residents of Traders Flat have become victims of hateful messages on a local community bulletin board say authorities.

The bulletin board in Traders Flat has been used as a tool to help members of the community advertise events, try to sell goods and just general communication between people.  That all changed last week according to Arianna Flint, the bulletin board’s caretaker.

“It all started when a well known clan started advertising recruitment on the board,” said Flint. “It is nothing out of the ordinary. Clans advertise all the time on the board.”

After the flyer was posted advertising the clan, a deviant put a response to it saying, “U R NOOBS”.  Soon more messages were showing up in response to posted messages. At first these messages were just shrugged off until more of them started being posted.

The Alleged First Reply (File Photo)

In recent days more and more posts have been showing up.  The most recent post was on a girl’s Lost Dog flyer that said “QQ MOAR NUB”.    Number 1, the head of the Ominous Security Personnel at Traders Flat advises all citizens to not reply to these messages.


“It seems that when a citizen replies to these hateful messages it is like swatting a mutated wasp nest, more and more messages come out,” said Number 1. “It is important people keep their calm and composure.  We are seeing this situation degrade rapidly so we need to act quickly.  If this continues, soon citizens will start bickering against each other.”

No suspects have been named in this string of rogue messages being posted on the bulletin board.  Some speculate the Park City Parks and Recreation Department are posting these messages due to their lack of economy and boredom.  Others speculate it is just the children of Traders Flat feeling empowered by anonymity.  Others say they are one in the same.

“I can’t believe one of those [expletive] took down a post I put up a few weeks ago and reposted it to take it out of context.   Now everyone thinks I hate Light Bearers!” said a Vista resident. ” I am leaving the bulletin board, but not the wasteland.”

“Rampant hateful messages strewn across public communication platforms are one of the attributed causes of ‘The Fall’.  We do not want it to happen again.”

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