Traveler Does Not Bring Anything to Show and Tell, Receives Zero for Day

(CREDIT BEND, NORTHFIELDS)-  A Traveler Racketeer Student named Larce reportedly received a “zero” in participation points for the day in a Traveler trade school today.

Today in Mr. Maggotface’s Extortion 101 class was the normal “Show and Tell” day.  During this ancient ritual students will find an interesting item from either a crafter or the wasteland.  Students will bring these to class and display them proudly and boast about their greatness.  Everything was going as planned until Larce informed Mr. Maggotface that he did not have an item for “Show and Tell”.  Outraged,  the teacher struck the student, with a zero for a grade.

Self proclaimed law expert, Judge Rufio Mendoza, claims that the traveler student brought an Interceptor Speedster Key to the “Show and Tell” but was reluctant to present once he saw the other 20 students brought Interceptor Keys.  The Judge claims that the instructor should have just pistol whipped the student and not given them a grade demerit.


An Allegedly "Uncool" Interceptor (File Photo)

“Severe physical punishment would have sufficed in this case. Not a zero for the day in his classroom.  I cite in support Boston Traffic Code Four eight two…uhh…tango..fiver,” said Judge Mendoza.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” said Cullen, a Traveler Student. “Larce had something but he was just embarrassed to show it. No one would really even care.”

The parents of the Traveler have contacted the school about this foul grade their son received.  School officials are still investigating why Larce did not think the Interceptor was not “cool” enough for show and tell.

“We spent 30 red chips on that Interceptor for Larce.  He could at least showed it off with all the other 30 Interceptors in the class,” said Larce’s father.

Mr. Maggotface has come under scrutiny before for a similar occasion for a student bringing “Enforcer Brains” to show in tell.  The instructor failed the student citing “The [Enforcer Brain] is fake, it does not exist.”

WLN spoke with Larce about this incident and what he plans to do.

“If this is how it is gonna be then I am just gonna bring my “Trouser Meat” in class next week.  Hope the class enjoys that,” said Larce”

Calls to Mr. Maggotface and the school were not returned.

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