Wasteland News Editor-In-Chief Completes Law School

(OILVILLE, PLATEAU)-  The Editor-In-Chief of Wasteland News has just finished his training in Law and has officially become a Judge of the wasteland.

Rufio Mendoza has completed a 1 hour lifenet online course in basic traffic court law from the Pre-Fall University of Phoenix.  This completion makes the media mogul the highest trained official in Law in the entire wasteland.  Mr. Mendoza has now officially changed his title to Judge Mendoza.


Justice Wargrave on a Motorcycle (File Photo)



Justice Wargrave used to be the highest trained official in Law in the wasteland.  Having enrolled and dropped out of a lifenet online course  dealing with real estate law.  It is rumored that Zero Gravity S.E. of the Vista Fecal Museum has also enrolled in a lifenet online pornography lecture from the University of Phoenix. The increase in wastelanders seeking higher education may mark a new renaissance of education and order in the wasteland.

When asked why he sought to become skilled in law Mr. Mendoza replied with, “There is nothing to do in Sector 3.  I was tired of sneaking into Park City to report on the PCPRD [Park City Park and Recreation Department].”

Judge Mendoza has been seen around the Plateau citing them for breaking traffic law and executing them.  Critics have been saying Mendoza has been making up laws on the spot before shooting people.

“Last time I checked, walking around without pants isn’t a violation of traffic law.  He is operating out of his jurisprudence… what does that word even mean?” said Jolt, one of Mendoza’s victims.

However, these critics have not stopped Judge Mendoza’s execution of law and children of the wasteland.

“I killed people in the wasteland anyway,” said Mendoza. “But now I can quiet all the naysayers that said I didn’t have enough experience in law to ‘legally’ execute people.”

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  1. If you did that to me. You will awake up day with no eyebrows, nor hair.

    (Keep up the good work, I love it)

  2. hilarious =)

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