Hero Dies in Line of Duty

(TANNERFIELD, KAIBAB FOREST)-  The community of Tannerfield is in mourning today after a local hero was killed in the line of duty.

Atropos, a skilled crafter died of a heart attack after crafting 6,000 coffins for the bodies of the town guards found dead all around Tannerfield.  WLN was told that he spent over 34 hours turning salvaged wood and scrap iron into coffins to bury the town guards in a mass grave then collapsed.

“He was such a hero. He made every effort to ensure the community was safe,” said a Tannerfield resident.  “The wasteland needs more heros like Atropos to craft stuff for us.”

Heart Attack

A Heart Attack (Artist's Rendition)

A statement released by Atropos’s family stated that “he always wanted to be a crafter since he was a child” and that “he always wanted to help people, and he died doing his duty.”

“We always were worried about how dangerous his job was,” said one of his friends. “We always tried to convince him to be a raider or mercenary… but there was no changing his mind.  It was his lifelong goal to be a crafter.”

The residents of Tannerfield are already feelings the effects of Atropos’s death.  It is reported that there are approximately 3,000 corpses of town guards littering the outskirts of the city. Fears of increases in crime have also had many residents worried. Outsiders are also feeling the effects of the hero’s death.

“The world lost a great crafter,” said a CHOTA slaughtering town guards. “If every policeman, soldier or guard became a crafter, the wasteland would be a much safer place.”

Last year over 5 crafters died in the line of duty.  Residents are looking to creating a memorial scholarship for future generations crafters.

“It’s hard recruiting people to be crafters,” said a resident of Tannerfield. “It’s too dangerous of a job for most people to even think about.”

Residents of Tannerfield are all wearing black armbands in respect for Atropos and his family.  His funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 10:00am.

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