New Firearm Can Be Seen Only By Most Skilled Combatants

(BLAINE, NORTHFIELDS)- Today researchers from Sigler Arms Inc. announced they have created a rifle so powerful that only the most elite combatants are even able see the weapon.

Sev Sigler, a lead researcher in the R&D department gave WLN an exclusive sneak peak at the weapon.


An Enforcer Clan Brandishing the New S-56

“The Sigler Model 56 or S-56 is a new battle rifle designed by Sigler Arms. This rifle fires high power ammunition at a higher rate of fire than an assault rifle and is more accurate than any sniper rifle. However, as part of a built-in… security thingy, this Rifle is so powerful that only the most skilled and elite combatants will be able to see it,” said Sev Sigler.
Weapon experts applaud this weapon as a large step for weapon development in the wasteland. Such technology has not been seen since before the fall. It may usher in a new era of engineering and innovation in the wasteland.

WLN asked the Sigler Arms R&D department, who were packing up their lab and discussing someplace called “Malibu”, about the security system that renders the weapon invisible to unskilled fighters. The team responded with “uhhh…company secret, no comment”.

“Sales of this weapon have gone through the roof,” said a Sigler Arms Inc. salesman. “Just a few hours ago an Enforcer clan of fortunate soldiers bought 2 gold chips worth of these weapons. I would hate to be their enemies!”

WLN was denied access to the Sigler Arms firing range to see a test firing of this weapon due to “company confidentiality”. WLN attempted to buy one of these weapons but was turned away because all the S-56s were sold out.
“The S-56 is our hottest selling item! All our employees are taking a vacation up north for quite a while with all this money we made!” said Sev Sigler. “It’s super popular with Enforcers!”


A New S-56 From Sigler Arms Inc.

“We’ve gotten complains about sending empty boxes to clients.  It is clear that those clients are clearly ‘noobs’ and aren’t skilled enough to see the weapons”, said Sigler.

This comes at a great time for Sigler Arms due to their financial difficulties they were having earlier this year with their failed gun models.  Notably the S-25 that had a tendency to  blow up in peoples faces, killing them.

“This is a godsend!  We will see you in Malibu!” said Sigler.

-Rufio Mendoza

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