Raggedy Andy Warhalls Begin Tour

(Fracture, Northfields)- The CHOTA band, the Raggedy Andy Warhalls (RAW) bring much needed relief from the doldrums of day to day scrounging in the wasteland. The Warhalls combine unique instrumentation including stringed instruments with more traditional makeshift percussion and lyrics that embrace the beauty and chaos of the wastes.

The Band Salutes Fans as they Saddle Up for Tour

The Band Salutes Fans as they Saddle Up for Tour

The band was formed just two years ago in Warhall by singer/percussionist Andrea Orlean Williams AKA Andy Warhall, string instrument players Ray Kallum and Rob Low, and drummer Chris Roman.

In that short time, they are one of the few post-fall groups to make a recording. Their record, “New Hope for the Wretched”, has greatly improved their fan base outside of Fracture and Warhall. And has prompted a three sector tour. This is despite the few initial copies that were made due to shortages of salvaged vinyl.

Vocalist/Percussionist Andy Warhall

Vocalist/Percussionist Andy Warhall

A self-described Raggedy Man (the term fans use to identify those that plan to follow the band on tour), says:  “They are the first CHOTA band I’ve seen that actually plays real instruments. But they also combine strings, acoustic guitars and stuff with more traditional CHOTA percussion like beating on cars and other debris.”

True, not everyone is so enthusiastic. One Lightbearer said “I don’t know about RAW. The singing was nice at first, but then they played a song where the main beat was zip gun shots into a scrap car. It was just unpleasant. I go to concerts to get my mind off the chaos in the wastes, not be reminded of it.”

A Raggedy Andy Warhall Fan

A Raggedy Andy Warhall Fan

But the consensus seems to be that it is simply nice to have any type of semi-organized music performance. “I had a great time. I hadn’t heard them. I don’t think there are any record players in Blaine where I live so…Ya. It was fun. I think they looked like they had fun up there and whoa were the parts flying off that car when she picked up the beat with that sledge hammer…..I think I’ll start my own band. It was inspiring. I wonder how much salvaged wood and steel I’d need to make a…what were they called?….guitar?” said an excited fan.

Look out for the Raggedy Andy Warhalls playing at a Waffle Shack or Wasp Mart near you!

-Alan Cherna

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