Study: Original Vista Society May Have Been Closely Related to Bears

(GAIA, KAIBAB FOREST)- Scientists have uncovered a large cache of pre-fall historical artifacts in pristine condition that may give a clue to the ancestry of the Vistas of the Wasteland.

Researchers working on an excavation site uncovered an old “Park Ranger Outpost” buried deep underground. The Vistas were very interested in uncovering the “Ranger Outpost” knowing that pre-fall Vistas were known to be these “Park Rangers”. What they found surprised them more than seeing Techs recycling. Early yesterday workers gained entry into the actual structure and uncovered a multitude of print and digital media. They found manuals on preserving the environment, guest books, staff logs and what looked like to be pictures of the Park Rangers themselves. The pictures and posters did not depict normal human-like people. Instead all the pictures were of Bear-like people wearing historical Vista Society clothing (green khaki’s, wide brim hat).

File Photo: An Original Vista

An Original Vista (Artist's Rendition)

“This is absolutely fascinating!” exclaimed Arbre Embrasser, head of the Vista Excavation. “With this we can see how our Vista predecessors lived before the fall and give clues to how the species evolved or went extinct after the fall.”

“As far as we can tell from studying the artifacts, the Vistas of this period did not know a world with GlobalTech. They were primarily concerned with increasing personal awareness of preventing forest fires. Another concern was keeping piles of curious debris and refuse away from their territory. We believe this was to discourage Tech scavengers from trespassing onto their park lands,” explained Embrasser. Not all Vistas take this news with open arms however.


Dark Pony of the Vista Enrichment Foundation told WLN, “These exciting discoveries help shed light on how we are today. If we are truly evolved from these bear-like people then that explains our natural adaptations in the wild and our inherent use of Primal Mutations. It may also point to a common ancestry between the Vista and the CHOTA.

A Vista Confronting a Tech

File Photo: A Vista Confronting a Tech

Vistas Collaborating With Humans

Vistas Collaborating With Humans (Artist's Rendition)

One prominent theory among Vista scholars is that these Bear-Vistas may have intermarried with humans and over the generations the lines between the two peoples disappeared. Evidence found from the excavation site shows these Bear-Vistas intermingling with pre-fall humans.

“Now that ya’ll said that, I think that’s pretty darn possible if I remember my grandpappy’s stories about our family and bears correctly,” remarked Jethro Bush-Reagan.

“This amazing find may change the way Vistas view the world,” said Arbre Embrasser. “ I can’t wait for what else we can learn from this.”

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  1. I am stunned. Simply stunned and thank WLN for bringing this to the ATLAS’s attention. I’ve seen bears in the woods. Now i’ll make it a point to kill them before the re-evolve.

  2. ATLAS – you may want to reconsider. After speaking with a few of my colleagues in the bio-sciences division, I’ve come to understand that the bear that we currently see roaming the forests in the Province are derived from the same ancestral form as the Vista-bears. Evidently, the likelihood of this derived form following the same evolutionary path as the Vista-bears is vanishingly small.

    However, if you happen to, uh, “be attacked” by one of these bears, my Tech brethren would certainly pay a premium to be able to examine its corpse.

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