SUNDAY EDITION! Review: The Best Places to Eat in the Wasteland

For our Sunday edition we decided to review three well priced, popular restaurants in the wasteland for our readers.  The WLN’s team of food critics Dragko Alrinach, Sane Malk and Rufio Mendoza visited three well known wasteland eateries to give our collective reviews.  All the restaurants are owned and operated by wasteland residents and most of the dishes run from 1-3 blue chips.

Five Step’s Bistro of Tainted Foods

Five Step is a wasteland chef who runs his restaurant out of a small building in New Embry in the Plateau serving all original dishes

The Dish: We were pleasantly treated to a fine platter of spoiled grilled prairie chicken doused in a lovely sauce of slightly greenish milk.

Presentation: The presentation of the food was superb.  The rusty piece of scrap metal the dish was served on really brought out the color in the spoiled parts of the chicken.

Taste:  The dish tasted just as we all expected.  The chicken’s tenderness and high levels of radiation made the taste seem it was just melting in your mouth.  The tangy taste of the decaying portions of the food helped counter the sweetness of the greenish milk sauce. The meal only caused moderate amounts of stomach pains so it was well worth the meal.

Conclusion:   Five Step is an amazing wasteland gourmet chef, a true pioneer in his field.  He has spent more time on his cooking than his actual combat training.  While members of his clan are fighting in the Kaibab Forest, he is cooking up 5 star meals in the Plateau.

Alrinach:  A-

Malk: A

Mendoza: A+

The MRE Bar and Grill by Clemmens

This restaurant is run by Sgt. Clemmens of the Enforcers out of post 23 in Northfields.  It first started just as a mess hall for all Enforcer personnel but later he opened it up to the public

The Dish:  We were served a sandworm meat quesadilla with questionable fruit sauce and a side of fried tainted grains

Presentation:  The presentation of the food is typical of the Enforcer culinary scene.  The dish was served in a portioned metal tray with the main dish in the large portion and the grains divided up into the smaller portions.  Not very impressive aesthetically but functional none the less.

Taste:  The quesadilla was a symphony of flavor for our pallets.  The fermented moldy fruit sauce really brought out the flavor of the spices in the main dish.  However the sandworm meat did not have high enough gamma radiation levels and was slightly chewy, tough and had some sand still in it.  The side dish of the grains was rather bland and more of just a filler.  The fruit sauce did make Mr. Malk very intoxicated which may be a plus.

Conclusion:  The dish had a boring presentation but an amazing taste.  We felt Sgt. Clemmens could have chosen a better side dish.  Overall the dining experience was moderate.

Alrinach:  B-

Malk: A+

Mendoza: C+

3. Grot’s Steakhouse

Grot Masters runs a chain of steakhouses in all CHOTA cities and adheres to a strong traditional CHOTA culinary style.

The Dish: Well… The dish looked to be a some sort of questionable meat served with a side of vegetables in a bowl.   Not really sure.

Presentation:   The food looked sort of charred and then Mr. Alrinach pointed out the container the food is served in is a skull.  Upon further inspection we found this to be a skull of either a Throwback or a Shiva’s Favored.  We snuck out when the waiter went to get our drink refills but leaving a large tip.

Taste: We did not stay to find out, except for Sane who snuck in a bite before leaving.

Conclusion:  Although we are food critics open to many new foods, most of us could not eat the brains of a mutant (except for Sane).  We are sure that the food was delicious and recommend Grot’s Steakhouse to foodies with a stronger sense of bravery than us.

Alrinach:  N/A

Malk: B+

Mendoza: N/A

1. Grot’s Steakhouse

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