Tech Researchers Advance ATV technology with “Air” Tires.

Tech researchers made strides in ATV wheel technology based on ancient pre-Fall technology this week. Tech researchers have been conducting massive scavenging operations in piles of curious debris to gain insight into the common complaint from many ATV users that their wheels appear “glued to the ground.”

A New Air Tire

A New "Air" Tire

This week, tech researchers at Picus Ridge revealed a prototype “inflatable wheel.” These amazing creations, made from rubber with an “inner tube,” that holds, as if magically, nothing but air! Beginning with the curious find of a pre-Fall ‘Fix a Flat’ bottle, researchers were able to determine that at one time, tires were not solid.

“These tires offer a vast improvement over common ATV tires made from scrap steel doughnuts covered in a rubber tire,” said Javier Huerto, a Picus Ridge researcher. “You can actually drive over rocks, scrap debris, and small steps with air tires,” he added.

Common ATV tires weigh 50 pounds each on average, while “air” tires weigh a mere 5. More importantly, the “innertube” technology offers some amount of bounce or give when hitting a small obstruction. Reportedly, you can even jump an ATV a foot or two off the ground!

Another Picus Ridge researcher, Jesus Batista, cautioned that though the air tire technology was very promising, finding enough high quality rubber to make an airtight inner tube would mean that air tires may be very difficult to come by for some time.

Even if somewhat off in the future, the promise of being able to drive an ATV on all types of terrain, not just grass and road, is a cause for hope in the wasteland.

-Alan Cherna

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  1. Hahaha! “Glued to the ground” is exactly what they are! I’m also a little confused as to what ATV even stands for anymore.

    Great article

  2. A Terrible Vehicle possibly?

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