Study: 2 out of 3 Vistas Were So High Last Night

A Vista Emblem

A Vista Emblem

(GAIA, SECTOR 3) – A recent study from the Light Bearer Medical Clinic shows that 2 out of 3 Vistas were so high last night. The study surveyed 350 Vista citizens from ages 16-45 last Saturday. The survey looked if the Vista subjects were under the influence of natural controlled substances including marijuana, peyote, mushrooms and toads. Of the 350 surveyed 53% were “totally blazed” 30% were “so gone I didn’t know where I was” 17% were noted as “tripping balls”.

“This study shows a trend that we have been studying for the past few months”, said Dr. Zhou of the Light Bearer Medical Clinic. “We have seen very similar numbers from our previous studies and think we may be getting even closer to a link with Vistas and substance use”

The Light Bearer Medical Clinic told WLN that these studies will help researchers find the causes for current problems faced in the wasteland such as snack food shortages, market flooding of tie-dye armor and the constant fog over Gaia.

“With this [research] we hope to be able to reach a breakthrough within the next few weeks to help us stop these problems”, said Zhou. “The fate of the wasteland is in our hands”.

-Rufio Mendoza

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  1. Absolutely brilliant.

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